Launched in 1999 as a digital community for professional marketers, Econsultancy has grown from an edgy startup to a worldwide professional community with more than 3.8 million interactions a month.

With offices in London, New York and Singapore, the organisation exists to provide resources to businesses and individuals to develop best practice marketing.

Visit the site at to take a look for yourself.

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  • Data migration from Drupal
  • Regional content handling
  • Sophisticated search capabilities
  • Implementation of an integrated Learning Management System
  • Responsive theme development


  • Custom plugin development, including development of a plugin to parse and report on the contents of attached Word and PDF files where appropriate
  • Development and implementation of the main WordPress site using our Standfirst components
  • Infill design, taking flat visual concepts and turning them into living, breathing responsive designs
  • Development of a fully controlled search subsystem to allows the client to manage how search results are handled

Project Background

We have been working with Centaur Media since 2014 when we first redeveloped Marketing Week and have since worked on numerous titles in their portfolio.

Technically, this is one of the biggest sites we have ever developed; the site includes a huge amount of functionality, including events, statistics database, premium content and case studies, to name just a few.

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Regional Content Handling

With so many subscribers across the world, it’s important that the information displayed is relevant and useful to all users. An important aspect of the site is that people visiting from different regions have relevant content available for them to view. As you make a request through Cloudflare, the headers identify which country the user comes from and appropriate landing pages relevant to that user are served up.

Search Capabilities and Dashboard

Search can often be a hard thing to implement well. On this site we provide an Elasticsearch implementation with a control panel to allow the editorial team full control of synonyms, stop words and other search features.

Subscription Model

It is not unusual for online publishers to opt for both free and premium content on their site. Users of the Econsultancy website can access blog posts freely, however, other content such as Case Studies and other articles are accessible only with a subscription. To tempt users to sign up, there is the option to start a free trial and clear signposting is displayed to direct viewers to the subscription options. Subscriptions are managed through an integrated third party system, Abacus ADvance.

Free Trial Econsultancy

Learning Management System

A variety of various events and courses are offered through Econsultancy. This is an organisation that works across multiple locations offering numerous courses, training and events worldwide. The site provides a way of easily displaying events and cross-marketing. After consideration, we decided the best way to develop the Learning Management System was to use the LearnDash plugin, with some custom extensions, to provide a way for short courses to be offered on the site.

Econsultancy Training

Case Studies

Econsultancy provides a database of case studies, intended to showcase best practice around the world. For ease of searching and user experience, the client required case studies to be filtered by a number of areas and all case studies were required to be organised by year. We decided to use the plugin we developed for Vision 100, but redeveloped it to fit the specific needs of Econsultancy.

Econsultancy Case Studies

Post Launch

This was an exciting name to add to our portfolio of work. As far as functionality goes, it was technically one of our most complicated pieces of work. Launched on time and to budget, the site has received much positive feedback post launch. We continue to support the site and we look forward to our continuing work with Centaur Media, who have been a fantastic client to work with.