Family Capital

Family Capital is a modern publishing company, dedicated to the global family enterprise sector and inspired by the idea that being a family business is an asset.

Family Capital provides a service to those working in the family sector—looking at the issues that affect this area, exploring the link between family and global capital, and advocating for those in family businesses.

Visit the site at to take a look for yourself.


  • Migration of existing content from Squarespace
  • Coherent and clear branding across the site
  • A system to handle both paid for and free content
  • Clear calls to action and signposting across the site


  • Migration onto our Standfirst platform
  • Implementation of Hadrian—our paywall system
  • User training

Project Background

David Bain, the director of Family Capital approached us back in May 2017. He was interested in having a new website designed and developed. As we chatted with David, it soon became apparent that as a small publisher, this site was an ideal candidate to utilise not only Standfirst but also Hadrian.

Image shows a screenshot from the Famcap website

Premium Content

One of the client’s most pressing requirements was the development of a site with the capability to handle both premium (paid for) and free content. At interconnect/it, we have our own in-house developed paywall called Hadrian, which was implemented on the Family Capital website. Originally the client requested a leaky paywall, where a visitor could access a predetermined number of free views of premium content before the paywall kicked in. However, the final decision incorporated just two options—either free or premium content. Given the flexibility that comes with using Hadrian, the original request is still available should a leaky paywall be required on the website in future.

Image shows screenshot of premium content pop-up


As Standfirst has been created specifically with publishers in mind, we’ve worked to establish a standard pattern, taking into consideration best practice user experience, design and essential publishing requirements. It was then a simple matter to incorporate the existing logo and rationalise the design, applying the existing branding to our Standfirst platform. Not only does this cut down on time, but also on cost, allowing the client to hit the ground running in as short a space a time as possible.

Image shows an article on the Famcap website

Content Migration

A key part of this project was handling the data migration from Squarespace to Standfirst. Each migration is unique, however content migration is a process we have much experience of at interconnect/it and we used our in-house developed scripts to migrate the data from one platform to the other without any problems.

Image shows articles from the Famcap site

Challenges Faced

Family Capital is the first of our full SaaS (Software as a Service) roll-outs and not only utilises Standfirst but also Hadrian, our paywall and subscription handling system. One challenge we faced was around the exact subscription workflow. It may sound simple, but we wanted to ensure that every customer who wanted to subscribe, could do so easily, without problems and without getting lost in the system. We spent a bit of time working on the user experience to ensure the process was as smooth as possible.

Image shows the subscription page on the Famcap site

Post Launch

This build was a little different for a number of reasons. Firstly, the project was our first full SaaS roll-out and secondly, there was only one stakeholder involved on the client side. We are pleased with the site and how the project progressed. To see our work for yourself, head over to the Family Capital website.