Sniff Petrol

Sniff Petrol is the online satirical motoring magazine, produced by Richard Porter, the previous script editor on Top Gear.

Sniff Petrol specialises in humorous content, which when combined with the site’s large social media following, has the potential to go viral.

Visit the site at to take a look for yourself.

Sniff Petrol Home Page


  • A redesigned, redeveloped mobile-friendly site
  • Easy to maintain and administer, given the owner’s time restraints
  • A site to handle multiple users and viral content
  • Greater control over how articles are displayed
  • A professional, yet friendly site design, to showcase Richard’s writing and car reviews


  • Web design and development—The new site runs on our Standfirst platform
  • interconnect/it in-house developed custom plugins
  • Full project management and consultancy
  • Ongoing user and site support
  • Hosting

Project Background

We have worked with Richard Porter and Sniff Petrol for over ten years now. We first worked together back in 2007 and then three years later in 2010, to re-design the site and add extra functionality.

Column Page


This year we made the decision to migrate Sniff Petrol onto Standfirst—our new publishing platform. Having worked with the publishing industry for many years, we’re aware of what works well with current Content Management Systems and what could be improved upon. Having considered the options, we decided Sniff Petrol would be the perfect fit for Standfirst.

Viral Content

Sniff Petrol has a fairly large social media following and it’s not unusual for there to be large spikes in site traffic over a short period of time when new content is posted. It is important that the site is robust enough to sustain this number of visitors at any one time. From theme and image optimisation to the infrastructure we use—Standfirst has been specifically developed with performance in mind.

Social Sharing

By it’s nature Standfirst is designed to be a sociable content platform, meaning that content is presented in the best possible light across multiple channels and platforms. For a website that relies on social sharing to get the message across, Standfirst was the best possible fit.

Content Ready

We understand that publishers often have to meet tight deadlines and would rather spend time getting great content out there, rather than fighting with their website. The client is a busy man, with a number of time constraints. Standfirst is content ready, with a powerful and flexible template and authoring system—the tools are there to get great content out there quickly and effectively.

Sniff Petrol Podcast Page

Post Launch

The development process was fairly straightforward. The client was already familiar with our way of thinking, so there wasn’t much training or overhead. Perhaps unusually for a lot of our builds, we were given a lot of freedom and flexibility when designing the site and as the decision has been made to use Standfirst, a lot of the development work had already been done.

If you’re a car fan, head on over to Sniff Petrol to see the site for yourself.