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Creative Review


Launched in 1981, Creative Review is a monthly publication dedicated to all things design. With an impressive reputation in the design industry, it is well known as the go-to place for high quality design news and critique.

Back in 2015 we migrated the old Creative Review site to a simple blog format as an interim measure, while work was carried out on the design of the new site. As part of our ongoing relationship with Centaur Media, we were asked to develop the new website, something that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on!

Services Provided

  • Plugin installation from our extensive suite of technology developed for Centaur Media projects.
  • Responsive theme development and associated gap design work, from supplied flat designs.
  • Compatibility across all popular platforms, including modern versions of IE, Safari, iOS, Chrome etc.
  • ADTECH integration.
  • Integration with the Abacus ADvance CRM platform.
  • Initial migration from a now defunct custom CMS known as Webmatrix to WordPress.
  • Ongoing user support.
A screenshot of the home page of the Creative Review website.
The homepage of the Creative Review website.

Key Components of the Build

Given that the website is aimed at an audience of design professionals, it was essential that we employed our usual high attention to detail.

Undoubtedly this project incorporated a lot of front-end work and you will notice the website makes use of sectioning. This is a technology we have been supplying for a long time now, but in its latest incarnation allows for co-branding and multiple complex layouts.

Landing pages can be broken up into distinct sections using a widget driven interface, meaning that site adminstrators can easily re-order and manage hundreds of content teasers.

A screenshot showing the sections in use on the site.

Custom Typography

Creative Review uses a custom font and we worked with the client’s typographers to ensure the font worked well in the browser. Getting things like baselines just right might seem minor, but is critical with web layouts to ensure the site displays beautifully.

Small Details

We pride ourselves on getting the small details just right. Key details as subtle as handling how the hamburger menu looks in different contexts is important. These may seem like tiny, barely visible details, but utterly necessary for a design and layout that needs to look perfect to a design savvy industry.

A screenshot of the expanded hamburger menu.
The hamburger menu once expanded.

Post Launch

We have now been working with Centaur for two years on their massive portfolio of websites and we’ve come to know each other well. Consequently, the development of this site ran very smoothly from initial project planning right through to launch.

We always give each site we develop our utmost care and attention, but to work on a website of such exacting design and layout was great fun and helped us to show off our skills to the very greatest degree.

Head on over to the Creative Review website to see the results for yourself.

Mim McNeela

Mim McNeela

Mim joined our management team in January 2014. With a background in Client Management and previous experience in a Litigation department, Mim works on both internal and client projects here at interconnect/it. She is also part of the team coordinating our marketing. Outside work, Mim enjoys running, reading and completing a design course.