Money Marketing

The Money Marketing site relaunch, is part of the ongoing WordPress replatforming project running at Centaur Media, for which we have migrated and relaunched a number of their well known sites.

Launched in 1985, Money Marketing reaches an audience of over 70,000 financial professionals in print and online and has forged a reputation as one of the UK’s leading sources of news, analysis and opinion for the financial services industry.

Visit the site at to take a look for yourself.

Image shows the Money Marketing home page


  • The development of a sophisticated, yet easy to manage website.
  • Migration from Webvision to WordPress, as part of Centaur’s ongoing WordPress replatforming project.
  • Opportunities for the commercial department to sell on, for example site advertisements and subscription generation.


  • Plugin development
  • Responsive design
  • Creation of a Registration Wall
  • ADTECH integration
  • Migration from Webvision
  • Integration with Abacus e-Media’s ADvance Audience Management platform
  • Ongoing user support

Project Background

Centaur Media commissioned a new site for Money Marketing back in 2015. This project was completed as part of our ongoing relationship with Centaur and their mission to migrate a number of their sites onto WordPress.

The Centaur Team provided flat designs and we used our expertise to develop the associated gap work – a necessity when translating from flat designs to the web.

The site has been through two versions since it was first launched in 2015.

Image shows the Money Marketing home page

Data Migration From Webvision to WordPress

As with the Marketing Week website, we migrated the Money Marketing site from Abacus e-Media’s Webvision platform. This was completed using our internally developed scripts, which enables a seamless migration to WordPress. This is an important stage of the build, as we aim to ensure content is migrated cleanly and with a minimum of errors, whilst also maintaining URLs for the sake of ongoing SEO.

Image shows an article

Integration with Adtech

Early on in our working relationship with Centaur, we recognised the need to develop a plugin to allow for adequate advert management. For this project, we again used our internally developed Adtech plugin. This allows for good support of ADTECH positions, including handling (where the advertiser has made available) asynchronous advertisements in order to keep the page rendering brisk enough.

Image shows Investment news

Site Structure

Before the build, special attention was paid to the site structure, in a bid to create a site that would be easy to develop on and modify for reuse. This allows us to develop an expansion to the site relatively quickly and cheaply, should the client wish to add an event section or particular product to the website.

Image shows the login page

Post Launch

Overall this particular project was a pleasure to work on and ran smoothly from migration through to site launch. As usual the team at Centaur were a joy to work with and we look forward to our future projects working together. You can visit the Money Marketing site here.