Design Week

Following the successful launch of the Marketing Week site last year, we were commissioned by Centaur Media Group to relaunch their Design Week site.

Formerly a paper based publication, Design Week was launched in 1986, before becoming a digital only publication in 2011.

Visit the site at to take a look for yourself.

Image shows the Design Week home page


  • Development of a sophisticated front-end
  • Creation of a Registration Wall
  • Synced site colour changes in line with the weekly edition


  • Sophisticated theme development
  • Plugin development
  • ADTECH integration
  • Third party authentication integration
  • Ongoing user support

Project Background

As part of our ongoing relationship with Centaur Media, we have migrated and developed a number of their sites and the Design Week website has been through a number of revisions in this time.

The first design incorporated an angled header – a visually striking element of the site and probably one of the more challenging elements of the build. This was the first time we have been asked by a client to develop a design like this. Subsequent versions of the site removed this feature.

Image shows the home page

Registration Wall

As with the Marketing Week site, Centaur required a registration wall to be developed. Access to all articles is free, but registration is first required to read the articles. This hooks into the CRM system in use at the publisher, allowing information to be gathered where required.

Image shows Design Week registration wall

Synced Colour Changes

The client required the colour of specific elements on the site to be editable, to match the chosen colour of each weekly edition. One of the elements we worked on was the colour filter applied over the main image. We experimented with CSS colour filters, before reverting to SVG filtering, as this was supported right down the tree. The colour change feature allows the team at Design Week to select their colour of choice, which is then fed through to the relevant elements on the site.

Image depicts the current issue

Inspiration Board

A notable feature of the build was the creation of a searchable inspiration board. This feature allows designers to search through inspirational images, using a series of filters; by type, colour and style. Relating to this we have implemented the facility to allow users of the site to upload their project, for consideration to be added to the board.

Image shows the Design Week inspiration board

Challenges Faced

All builds come with their own unique challenges and many of our builds are completed to tight schedules; this project was no exception. Challenges generally centred around working with third party systems, and an ambitious design that pushes what can be done with a browser, whilst maintaining good backward browser compatibility, to the very limit.

Image shows a Design Week article

Post Launch

We eagerly awaited feedback from site users following the launch of the site, which we are pleased to say has been positive. This site was a great one to work on and we are proud to say it’s one of ours. Head over to Design Week and see for yourself why we’re so happy with it.