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So, what better way to start a new year than with the release of a new plugin? Developed by Damian Gostomski, we have been using the WP Performance Profiler on third party plugins, on our own site and client sites for about a month now.  In the first few weeks of using the plugin we noticed some surprising performance issues on the sites we were testing it on; we liked the plugin so much, we decided to share it with the world!

Snapshot of the WP Performance Profiler.
Snapshot of the WP Performance Profiler.

The plugin (still in beta form) is aimed at developers, rather than the less experienced.  As hinted at in its name, is designed to monitor the performance of your WordPress site, allowing you to identify the plugins causing slow database queries, that are slowing down your site.

The 'Settings' tab, at a glance.
The ‘Settings’ tab, at a glance.

Although there are some pretty good profilers already on the market, we thought ours was a little different. We have tried to focus on creating a lightweight, user friendly plugin; one with an uncluttered user face, that is easily navigable. In addition, we think there are some benefits over server level profiling, which can add a lot of overhead, are focused on individual requests and require set up at the server level – something you may not have access to.

The 'Plugins' tab, at a glance.
The ‘Plugins’ tab, at a glance.

How we made this site much faster

So, there’s no point making something if you’re not going to use it. And in using it on this website you’re reading, we quickly discovered some problems with plugins we were using. Plugins by famous and well known authors at that. In one case some settings tweaks sorted it, in another case, we removed the plugin and replaced it with another one, and in a third case we decided we could do things a different way. End result? Our site’s server response time is typically about 50% better! Here’s the Site Speed information from Google Analytics:

Lovely, right?

So go try it! It’s free…

The WP Performance Profiler can be downloaded here, although when it comes to installation, we advise reading our installation guidelines first.

As a New Year treat, we have decided to offer the plugin free of charge for the first month, after which we will probably charge a flat rate of $9 (unless of course you want to donate a little more!).

So go ahead and tell us what you think, we’d love to hear any feedback you may have.

Mim McNeela

Mim McNeela

Mim is a member of our management team. As well as working on internal and client projects, she also coordinates our marketing, copywriting and keeps our site up to date. In her free time you'll find Mim working out at the gym, cycling along the coast, creative writing, and learning about photography and design.

3 responses to “The WP Performance Profiler

  1. Really like the plugin! Will you be updating the plugin profiler with new features?

  2. Was well impressed with a demo of this at WordCamp Birmingham this Saturday passed. Someone from the audience, presumably an Interconnect/it fellow mentioned that you’re releasing the demo’ed version in a week or two. If I buy it now will I be able to download the update when it comes out, or need to buy it again? Cheers!

    1. Sorry about the slow reply, but we’re charging per download. Basically, that way someone who just needs the plugin now and again to do some profiling pays a lot less than someone who always needs the latest and greatest who is more likely to be a professional.

      It’s a bit of a pricing experiment, of course…

      And thanks for the good feedback!

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