Admin staff required!

As you may already know, we’ve been hunting for new WordPress developers for a while, but now we are also looking for a new member of administration staff to replace me (Laurie) as I take my maternity leave.

This will be a temporary job, for 3 days per week, 7.5 hrs per day. There are flexible hours and working arrangements available. (Half of us have children now, so we’re very understanding!).

This job opening will be from late January or early February until at least the end of November 2014. You will work alongside me for a month to get trained up and Dave will always be available to provide support once I’m on leave.

This is a brilliant opportunity for the right person. You will need to be able to keep Dave and the staff team supported in all manner of ways! From managing the payroll, to preparing contracts, issuing invoices and most importantly making sure the bills are paid! Good communication and organisational skills are essential

There is a good balance of day to day tasks; from reconciling the accounts, filing etc; to being asked to draw up a Statement of Work for a new client; to making sure our insurance policies are up to date; to entering content on a client’s website. The work varies so much and there are new tasks all the time.

Sadly this isn’t a permanent post as I will definitely be wanting to return. But you never know, there may be an opportunity to go on and continue to support the company. And if you’re really good, Dave will find a way!

Click here for more information and to apply!

Job applications must be in by the 11th December.

Best of luck!


Laurie Chandler

Laurie Chandler

Laurie became part of our team back in 2010, when we were still a very small company. As Office Manager, Laurie can generally be found looking after the accounts, HR and ensuring everything runs smoothly in the office. Outside work, Laurie enjoys spending time with her two little boys and is a keen member of her local running club, having completed a number of half marathons.