The Liverpool WordPress Interest Group invites you to an evening of learning and networking at Leaf on Bold Street.

Tuesday 24th January @ 6.30

SWIG started off as a purely WordPress based community group meeting at the interconnect/it offices.  It’s clearly become something more than just that and is of interest to anybody who works and lives on the web. With speakers on topics as diverse as copywriting and business management as well as the continued WP interest we’ve now decided to run a larger occasional paid ticket event called bigSWIG.

Leaf is a great venue in central Liverpool, with excellent food, alcohol and soft drinks available, making for a convivial and relaxing atmosphere.


Q&A session

Get the answers to any burning questions you have about web design and WordPress.


  • £5
  • £4 for students

This is the first time we’ve tried to run SWIG as a larger event so please please please spread the word!