Digital TV Europe Doubles Search Engine Traffic

In mid summer 2011 we were pleased to develop and launch the new Digital TV Europe site, based on WordPress and using our sectioning technology.

The site had previously run on the Squiz CMS but had been suffering from poor search engine performance and low visitor engagement. Having had a number of past successes with interconnect/it developed WordPress sites in the past, Informa were keen to have us build this site.

Following the Informa supplied designs, we were able to quickly turn around a sophisticated, feature loaded news site that worked well with their workflow.

But what you really want to know is this – the increase in readership that followed going live with the new layout and system was substantial. From 16,830 visits in April 2011 to 25,098 visits in September. An increase of 50%. Page views went up even further, up by 63%. And the headline story is that a substantial proportion of that was due to improved search engine performance, with the new site bringing 10,678 visitors in a month compared to 5,285 visitors back in May. That’s more than double the search engine traffic.


Why Such Gains?

  1. Automatic pinging of search engines when posting new content, meaning that fresh news is indexed promptly.
  2. Properly structured HTML.
  3. A sensible permalink structure easily followed by search engines.


Of course, there can be more to it than just that.  A relaunch often brings with it a flurry of interest.  However, the traffic is sustained and, in our experience of sites such as, the growth is compound.  In other words, the benefits will continue to accrue over the years. Often this comes with increased understanding of how to use SEO tools to improve search engine listings further.

Referral Trafic Up By 75%

Another important improvement has been the increase in referral traffic by 75% – this can drive the search engine rankings and can be due to the easier linking of the site and its new use of social tools to allow easy ‘liking’ and bookmarking.  Unfortunately, we don’t have full access to analytics for this site, which precludes us from carrying out in-depth analysis on the site, but it does match in with our experience on sites where we’ve been able to drill down deeply into the data.

Other Benefits

Our experience also shows that the switch to WordPress often brings other benefits such as improved productivity, creative options, fantastic add-on SEO tools and so on.  As a client and users mature with the product and develop real expertise, we’ve found that they start to find new ways to exploit the power of the system.  This is a good thing – it means that after three or four years you should still be pleased with a system we’ve developed for you.

Ultimately, our tools shouldn’t feel like they slow you down – they should make you feel fast, free and even a little bit lucky.  Digital TV Europe may feel lucky they chose us and that they know have substantially more traffic than before, but hopefully they’re really enjoying the fast and the free!

Some screenshots below show the following elements of functionality:

  1. Multiple Widget powered pages.
  2. Use of the interconnect/it Spots plugin for managing small elements of content.
  3. Related Content.
  4. Polls.
  5. Sophisticated video handling.
  6. Events listing (integrated with Magento API.)

The best way to understand the site’s range is to visit Digital TV Europe and look around.