Greenwich Healthy Living


Greenwich Healthy Living exists to offer the general public information and guidance on healthy lifestyle choices. The organisation is linked to the Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Public Health and Wellbeing team.

The service is made up of health professionals who provide a range of lifestyle services and training to local people and professionals. This includes advice on how to quit smoking, healthy eating, increasing activity and managing health conditions.

Visit the site at to take a look for yourself.

Image shows the Home page


  • The ability to simply list healthy living events across the borough
  • A site that was easy to navigate, use and be understood by all members of the general public
  • Easy and quick for the council staff to administer


  • Design feedback
  • Design detail completion
  • Development of sophisticated WordPress Theme
  • Development of Events plugin
  • Custom taxonomies
  • Hosting
  • User training
  • Ongoing user support
  • Links to newsletter subscription systems
  • Ongoing content management support

Project Background

We were contacted by the team at Greenwich Healthy Living, who were in the process of looking for a development partner for a new website they were hoping to build. Capita were responsible for the site design, while we were responsible for associated gap work when translating flat designs into a living website, as well as the development work and back-end design.

Image shows the Healthy Lifestyle page

Event Management

One of the biggest challenge we had to overcome during this build was how to organise the event management. Repeating, frequent events that needed to be categorised according to location, accessibility, price, type and so on. It’s always difficult to know what the best options for categorising things like this will be. Greenwich had researched and tested a number of ideas and came to us with their preferred structure that allows visitors to quickly find their preferred events.

Image shows the activities and services filter list

Post Launch

The site has been running successfully since May 2011 and has attracted a growing readership. Not only that, but the newsletter subscription has been a huge success and means that thousands of newsletters are now regularly sent out to residents and health professionals. The site is frequently updated, and support overhead is minimal. Overall, a huge success and interconnect/it is now listed as a preferred supplier of web services to the Greenwich PCT – that’s always nice to see!

Visit the Greenwich Healthy Living Service website and see for yourself why it’s doing so well.

David Coveney

David Coveney

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