Safer Passwords & Using PasswordMaker

You may find passwords to be an unecessary chore. But they’re important. However, inventing strong passwords is difficult… and they’re hard to remember.

So you need to be able to generate passwords on the go and the solution is Password Maker – a great way to have safe, difficult to crack passwords which works beautifully as browser plugins.

The nice thing is that if one password is found out because of a compromised website, because PasswordMaker generates a different password for each site, you’re still secure everywhere else. Of course, if someone finds out your master password and works out what your encryption settings are and knows that you’re using such a system then they can get in to everything. But you’re not that careless are you?

You may want to reduce down the characters in use for passwords a little so that you don’t get characters that many sites don’t like – for example, WordPress doesn’t like slashes.

Make a note of the exact character set, encryption method, lengths and so on. You may need these at some point. However, without the master password, this information is of limited use, and you don’t have to write it in a way that can be understood by anyone else but you.

Make a habit of using this system wherever possible. You’ll find life a lot easier, and more secure, if you use it consistently.