Multisite & Access

Access Control

By default, the auditor is only visible to those with the ‘manage_options’ capability. This should include super admins and administrators.

Changing who can see the Auditor section

To do this you can use the filter “icit_log_viewer_capability_filter”, e.g to allow users who can edit posts to view the auditor log tables and charts, you would do something similar to this:

function allow_post_editors_to_see_charts($capability){
    return 'edit_posts';

The filter value is passed into the current_user_can function, so it also supports roles.

Multisite Charts

When viewing the auditor charts from the network dashboard, several things are different. For one, there are no post count charts for the entire network, and data represented may be slightly different. As time goes on there will be more useful data here.

For the best view, go to the auditor section on individual sites in a network.