Working Methods

It can be well worth understanding the working methods of the company you’re wishing to recruit to develop your WordPress solutions.

We offer a number of approaches that fit different projects and different clients.  Both parties have to be happy with the method taken on a particular project.

Project Managed, Fixed Price

Usually the most expensive route, but with the advantage that you can have a fixed price. The downside is that it is the least flexible approach and doesn’t allow for agile working. If you change your mind on a direction then we have to return to the table and work out what’s going to be done. Smaller changes will be considered as change requests and may incur additional charges.

This is usually the most expensive approach, but popular in some sectors as it’s very predictable and low risk.

It is especially suited to small projects, or those where capital expenditure and outputs are fixed.  This is particularly the case with public sector and small businesses.

Target Specification/Target Budget Build

This way we have a target specification and budget. In essence you’re working with us and there is still a project planning element to the job. Costs are predictable, but if changes are made or timings not quite worked out then certain elements may be missed at the end of the project or the budget and deadlines may need to be adjusted.

This is our preferred method of working and which we’ve found generally gives the best results.

Time and Materials Basis

In this instance you simply hire one of our developers/designers to work directly with you on a project for a predefined period of time. You manage the project and the requirement, and the developer and/or designer does what they can with this. You can change direction as often as required. This is usually the highest risk approach, but can deliver at the lowest costs. We generally recommend this only for clients where we already have a good working relationship and the client has a good understanding of our capabilities and limitations. It is the most agile approach but if a lot of changes have been made and the deadlines are reached it may not be possible to complete the project as the developers may have to move on to other projects.

If you have never commisioned a site before, we recommend the first approach. Your hand is held, and there is relatively little for you to do other than provide us with the information we need and for you to sign off on the specifications. If you’ve worked a modest amount in the industry, the second approach is probably best. Expert clients (for us, for example, we work with The Telegraph and Informa UK) often find the T&M approach to be the best for them.

T&M is also an excellent approach for where you simply seek consultancy or advice.


In terms of budget, we can offer low cost solutions if required, starting at approximately £1,000+VAT. Low budget sites are built quickly, with a client representative at our offices. The site can be set up and built within a day. This works well for simple requirements. You have to be prepared to input data yourself and you may need to consider attending one of our WordPress training courses in advance.

We then get into custom commissions which tend to start at around £5,000 in total. Budgets can quickly escalate, and we’ve built many sites costing far more. We can develop anything you like.

What We Won’t Do

We are experts at WordPress, and that is all. If Drupal or Joomla is a better fit for your site then we don’t know that. We are here, simply, to deliver solutions for clients who have made a decision to use WordPress. If you wish for us to analyse this choice for you then we can, but that is a consultancy project in its own right. Otherwise we will always assume that you already know that WordPress is the choice for you. If what you request is not feasible we will always tell you.

Going Further

If after all that you have some ideas and would like to arrange a telephone or face to face meeting, then do please get in touch.