Auditor v1.6

The new most active users table The new most active users table

v1.6 is ready for consumption, with some significant internal updates, changes include:

  • Logging of gravity form edits/additions/deletions
  • Top 10 most active users table
  • 10 least active users table ( non-zero counts )
  • Rewritten role settings fixes warnings and is more robust
  • Administrators now have access to settings regardless of what option is set to prevent users locking themselves out
  • Removal of unused code
  • 30 minute Transient caching on line charts
  • Additional inline code documentation
  • Completely rewritten Database table creation/upgrade routines, now uses table copying rather than table alteration.
  • Table upgrade failure now sets a flag preventing repeated running of the upgrade routine
  • Logquery object extended with new features
  • Enforcement of WordPress Coding Standards
  • Fixed a warning related to wpdb->prepare
  • Fixed some fringe edge cases that showed up when ran through code analysers
  • Fixed a js error regarding tooltips under some circumstances that did not cause any issues on the frontend but nonetheless was fixed.
  • An overview page widget is now flexible enough to be added to the front dashboard via code, and will enqueue all necessary stylesheets and JS ( turn off the date tabs first though )
  • Improved the speed of the overview page for sites with large log counts
  • Refactors to reduce cyclomatic complexity
  • In the logger, startsWith and endsWith renamed to starts_with and ends_with
  • CSS style changes to fit v3.5 and upcoming v3.6 visual changes better. Styling should now work with alternate colour schemes.
  • Rephrased the clear log button to “click to clear log”

We’ve also put up a brand new Product page designed by Anthony Casey : New Auditor Product Page Design

If you’d like to see the new page, or want the new features for yourself, click here:

Click Here For More Details

Existing users can update from their admin panels, and should receive an email notification. Download the Auditor again for the new version if the built in updater isn’t available.