Whitley Fund for Nature

The WFN site is attractive, contemporary, and easy to use.

In conjunction with Scott Jones, a web designer at the Telegraph Media Group, interconnect/it have developed a website for the Whitley Fund for Nature that will help the charity fulfil its goals for the coming decade.  By providing a better experience for donors, media and award applicants both visitors and the organisation will benefit.

The Home Page

The most obvious part of the site, that almost all visitors will see, is the home page that’s designed to quickly show what the WFN is all about.  The home page has to work best for three types of visitor – potential donors, award applicants, and the media.  The layout is straightforward, but has a strong visual style.


The WFN mapping component shows the wide range of supported projects.

Using a map with filter options, a viewer can easily see the huge geographic range and scope of the award winners across the globe.  This approach is helpful to all visitors, and allows them to see how the charity operates and how it chooses successful applicants.  We built a simple UI in the back-end to allow users to quickly and easily tag content by location, with visual push-pins using the WordPress featured image.


Another small but important element on the front page is a charting component.  Although superficially simple, this is fully content managed with the users being able to set values and generate an attractive chart quickly and simply.

Underlying Technology

The site is a WordPress implementation, using Custom Post Types (for winners), Custom Taxonomies (for Award Types,Geographic Regions etc) and lots of extensions.  Several custom interconnect/it developments such as our mapping, events, media and contextual widget plugins operate to give a high degree of control over display and functionality.

Project Funding

Sites for charities are always a challenge because resources are always stretched to their maximum.  Consequently it’s sometimes necessary to find an alternative approach, and with the Whitley Awards website we are proud to announce that interconnect/it have now become an official supporter.

Visit the Whitley Fund for Nature site for yourself and take a look around.