Liverpool WordPress Interest Group (SWIG) Meeting – 27th April 2011

The SWIG logo - we're still open to suggestions for something better - but everyone seemed to like it so far.

The first Liverpool WordPress Interest Group took place at the end of March and, with a good turnout, will now be a regular event held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the interconnect/it offices.

We have a number of ideas and formats, and will be mixing it up. There will be tech talks, tips and tricks, Q&A sessions and more. We’ll put up a presenter’s form on this site shortly, so if you wish to run a session or to present your story you can fill in your details online.

I’ll kick off proceedings and give a talk at this event, just to make it easy and because I know it’s hard to offer something up in the early days of an event.

Agenda for this Meeting, starting at 6:30pm

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Quick discussion about ideas and volunteers to talk at future events
  3. PRESENTATION: Handling 2,000 concurrent visitors on the cheap, by David Coveney
  4. Q&A
  5. Drinks and open forum

If you’d like to add anything to the agenda – just mention it in the comments.

Online Event Registration with amiando

Are you wondering why it’s called SWIG and not LWIG? To find out you’ll just have to attend. It’s a secret only attendees can ever know.

  • Mark 21 / Apr / 2011 at 11:38 am

    Hi Dave,

    Is there free parking nearby the offices or perhaps even an office car park that attendees could make use of?


  • Chris 15 / Apr / 2011 at 5:40 pm

    I’d really appreciate someone giving me a quick tour of WordPress MU; how to set it up, how to manage sites – stuff like that.

    P.s. Definitely be there this time – not driving

    • Robert O'Rourke
      Robert O'Rourke 26 / Apr / 2011 at 10:18 am

      Bring it up during Q&A and I can show you my local multisite installation. It’s really easy to set up but there’s a little bit of complexity in setting up domain mapping.